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E-learning is an essential learning and development tool used to provide professionals with scalable and qualitative learning offerings at low cost.

Many organisations struggle with building and retaining knowledge within the organisation due to various reasons such as 1) hefty workloads, / time constraints, 2) lack of e-learning know-how, as well as 3) employee turnover. Too often, lessons learned sadly become lessons forgotten.

Using an unique collaborative approach, our expert e-learning team develops bespoke learning modules to ensure organisational knowledge and expertise is captured and future-proofed. Development of a bespoke e-learning module typically takes 1 to 3 months. We follow a sprint-based approach in which together key personnel from the involved organisation(s) we develop the content. 

A sprint consists of the following steps:

1.Scoping: together with involved stakeholders, we scope the the desired outcomes of the sprint.

2.Development: we develop the content in line with desired outcomes.

3.Test: everyone tests the outcomes of the sprint. We get feedback from involved stakeholders and prioritise effort for the next sprint.

Using a sprint-based approach enables us to concentrate effort whilst minimizing the time spent by stakeholders contributing to the project.


E-learning modules can be hosted internally or by us in a learning management system.

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