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Scripting is an iterative process supporting and guiding multiple actors in developing, planning, crafting and delivering products. It is both a creative and constructive process that makes the environment of a scenario come to life. It produces a blueprint for the framework of an exercise. It enables:


1. The integration of the general and specific training objectives

2. The visualisation of the overarching storyline of the exercise and interconnect the themes and the storylines.

3. the identification of the training objectives within the scenario by the training audience.

4. The control and continuing verification of the Training Objectives by the exercise directing and control staff.


Why do you need a good scripting process?

We have all been there. The end of a an exercise scripting week when the person in charge stands up and announces that it has been a great success because 3,500 odd injects were entered into the Exercise Control system.


Scripting is not simply about WAGIs (What a good idea...). Storylines cannot contain material that cannot convert into activity in an exercise. Good scripting does the following:

  • Provides a plausible scenario.

  • Provides a rich and deep scenario.

  • Gives the scenario traction.

  • Takes into account second and third order effects.

  • Maintains traction in the exercise narrative.

  • Enables the integration of multiple actors and organisations into the exercise.

  • Allows dynamic scripting to roll out from Startex.

​Scripting involves:
  • Evolving Themes from the stated Training objectives.

  • Writing the themes.

  • Writing specific and actionable storylines with hooks that allow events to be written and injected into the exercise.


The GS&A scripting process services include full support and guidance at all levels of the process; from understanding and translating the clients need (intent) into tangibles, managed through to the final deliverables.

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