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ExCon support

Our personnel are expert and experienced in running ExCon (ExCen) facilities supporting exercises from Corps to Battalion level in the military domain,  large and small training audiences of clients from International Organisations, NGOs, Commercial companies and academic institutions. We can run an entire ExCon; from ExDir to Mel/Mil management, or fulfil support and advice roles to client ExCon organisations, including the complete staffing of Red, Green, Grey, White and Orange Cells.


Why do you need ExCon support?

Bringing together an experienced and expert exercise control team is challenging to the even the most knowledgeable and robust organisation, military or civilian. A successful exercise will stand or fall on the strength of its ExCon (ExCen) team. Our lean, expert and well practised team gets an exercise or training event up and running quickly, delivering a cost effective and time efficient service. Moreover, our ExCon staff will have participated in the exercise preparation phase and will all be completely familiar with the scenario and relevant supporting products and tooling.


Our ExCon professionals

And ExCon team is only as good as everyone of its members. Uniquely, GS&A only employ staff who are completely up to date in their field. We do not use academics or role players to represent professionals. We bring the professionals to the table. 


To date we have provided entire ExCon manning or ExCon staff to exercises and events as varied as military Advanced and Command Staff courses, NGO conference workshops to Geo-political simulations on University Masters degree courses.


Our ExCon support services can integrate our Combat Calculator, Wargames kits and Consequence management tooling. In addition, we can design and facilitate cost-effective MEL/MIL management.

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