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Wargame kits

We build custom wargame kits for exercises and wargames. These Light man portable kits come complete with STANAG symbol tiles, environmental markers, marker pens and rulers.


Packs fit in the back of a car or a battlebox. Stores in a classroom closet. 

Wargame kits enable you
to run realistic wargames
with minimum effort.

Why have a wargame kit?

A wargame kit enables you to run - at a moment's notice - a wargame using high-end markers and STANAG symbol tiles. It will make your wargames look professional and organised. The tiles can be made to order enabling you to have unit specific tiles based on the desired Order of Battle (ORBAT). 

Physical description

Our standard wargaming kit is a man portable set containing 300 tiles, each 5cm x 5cm x 1 cm. Easily carried in an unit's HQ 'battlebox'. basic STANAG unit symbols are etched in the high impact durable polymer. (PHOTO)


GS&A primarily use wargaming kits to support manual COP display and COA wargaming during military exercises and training events. The kits of course can be used by a variety of other users from military planners to the serious historical wargamer.

Who uses our wargame kits?

Various clients and audiences use our wargame kits: 

  1. Military: Smaller nations staff colleges at Senior and Junior levels. Military academies. Support to Corps and Div level exercises, Management of Brigade to Battalion level training events and exercises. Representing the wider strategic environment.  

  2. Political: MoD decision making bodies and parliamentarians.

  3. Educational: University departments and University OTCs

  4. Commercial: Serious historical and 'hobby' wargaming organisations and individuals.

  5. Humanitarian: IOs and INGOs for planning.

Features and benefits

Features and benefits

1. Light man portable kit, complete with STANAG symbol tiles, environmental markers (as required), marker pens and rulers. (We can even include sets of die). Packs in the back of a car or a battlebox. Stores in a classroom closet.

2. The tiles are made from transparent polymer, meaning that map detail can still be read through the tile.

3. The sides of each tile are occluded; they can highlighted or 'painted' by a safe and legal laser pointer. Perfect for briefing clarity.


Note: Varied numbers of tiles marked with STANAG (or other) symbols can be ordered.


Our own battlebox kit has successfully endured being transported and used on exercises and events in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and the United States. It works.


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