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Consequence Management

Consequence Management is a wargame and exercise tool to create realistic dynamic environments that reflect the actions of the training audiences from the strategic to the tactical level. 

CM is in effect, the cognition of outcomes in selected phases of exercises, training events or games.

What is Consequence Management?

Consequence Management (CM) is based on a traditional means of scoring manual or board wargames. It uses Marker Tracks (MTs) to record the success or failure of participants (actors, teams, individuals) within themes and storylines, against desired outcomes, wrapped up under the game or exercise narrative.


CM is an EX Con support tool which is especially valuable in exercises portraying a Complex Operating Environment, involving the Integrated or Comprehensive Approach (IA/CA), multiple Non-military actors and non kinetic themes and storylines, (such as a humanitarian crisis).


CM is in effect, the cognition of outcomes in selected phases of exercises, training events or games.

Who uses Consequence Management?

Consequence Management is used by various clients and audiences for various purposes: 

  1. Military: Smaller nations staff colleges at Senior and Junior levels. Military academies. Support to Corps and Div level exercises, Management of Brigade to Battalion level training events and exercises. Representing the wider strategic environment.  

  2. Political: MoD decision making bodies and parliamentarians.

  3. Educational: University departments and University OTCs

  4. Commercial: Serious historical and 'hobby' wargaming organisations and individuals.

  5. Humanitarian: IOs and INGOs for planning.

Outcomes and deliverables

As a wargame tool

As a wargame tool, consequence management is used to provide cognition of outcomes after turn sequences. It enables the facilitators to create a realistic and dynamic wargame environment that accurately depicts the 2nd and 3rd consequences of decisions taken.


Consequence management provides wargame facilitators:

  1. A statistical model that provides insight in the progress of the wargame and the dynamism of the environment. 

  2. An adjudication tool that enables facilitators to take decisions concerning the consequences of participants' decision-making. 

  3. A wargame report concerning key - strategic - variables


As an EXCON tool

Within an exercise CM is used on a daily basis:

  • To review exercise progress narrative.

  • Decision support to next 24 hrs +.

  • Ex Con Cell taskings (Narrative and injects to TA).

  • Media Support (Narratives and injects to TA).

  • Game Data for Ex Dir.

  • Assess pressure on TA.

Post Exercise:

  • A detailed final 'score' of success or failure.

  • A detailed set of MTs and data for analysis of the exercise outcomes set against objectives.

  • A chronology of key events and break points during the exercise.

  • Data to assist determining the scenario requirements to achieve Training Objectives (TOs) in subsequent exercises.

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