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Combat Calculator

The Combat Calculator is a simple and cost effective software tool that provides combat outcomes in terms of (civilian) casualties, equipment losses and degradation of the environment.

"By adapting our system one client alone has over 300,000 Euros in exercise costs year on year since 2013"

Why use our combat calculator?

Our combat calculator is used for wargames and exercises to calculate the outcomes of combat. It provides the training audience, wargame facilitators and EXCON with accurate military and civilian information concerning the results of combat. This information includes:

  1. Accurate attrition and casualty rates based on equipment, force size and the environment's conditions. In total 60+ variables are used to come to accurate results. Battle damage assessment reports are automatically generated.​

  2. Civilian casualties, degradation to critical national infrastructure and an accurate assessment of displaced persons due to conflict.

  3. Advancement rates and state of materiel. Our combat calculator allows one to assess the advancement through terrain and fuel expenditure. This enables the training audience to provide accurate predictive logistics details. 

Who uses our combat calculator?

Our combat calculator is used by various clients and audiences for various purposes: 

  1. Military: Smaller nations staff colleges at Senior and Junior levels. Military academies. Support to Corps and Div level exercises, Management of Brigade to Battalion level training events and exercises)

  2. Political: MoD decision making bodies and parliamentarians.

  3. Educational: University departments and University OTCs

  4. Commercial: Serious historical and 'hobby' wargaming organisations and individuals.

  5. Humanitarian: IOs and INGOs for planning.

Features and benefits

Why you should opt for a combat calculator?
  1. It is significantly cheaper than current exercise support systems that provide combat results. It can support a Manual Common Operational Picture and is an effective adjudication tool.

  2. Readiness states and Combat Effectiveness states are rapidly calculated.

  3. Our system can upload real world geo-stat data to allow figures such as civilian casualties and DPREs to be calculated as the result of military action taken.

  4. Multiple users can use the system in an single exercise for their own planning and COA wargaming.

  5. The Combat Calculator can be used in any level of exercise from Corps to Company. It can be used in the classroom or in a table top Wargame.

  6. Fictional settings, contemporary or historical scenarios. All can be supported.

  7. It incorporates Terrain, Weather and Urban or Rural Environmental variables.

  8. It is the ideal exercise support tooling for formations or organisations exercising the Comprehensive or Integrated approach. Humanitarian Organisations and Cells can  use the tool as part of their exercise participation.

  9. SMEs supporting humanitarian IO and INGOs, (or Civil Emergency and Resilience organisations) in training can use the system effectively to predict civilian casualties in the event of military action in a conflict zone.

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